Monday, December 22, 2008

ok hi everyone this is jillian just saying sorry that i did not post in awhile
so this is my sister rowan she is 2 years old and i want to say she is giving me and my brother free massages the end.

Mommy Note : (sorry Jillian - I had to add to it)
They have been playing very nicely this morning! I am so happy that Jillian and Jason are starting to include Rowan in their imaginative play. Today they were playing airplane and she was the flight attendant. (who happens to give out massages too) I wish flying were that nice!!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Joey loves me!

ok this is dad and joey and joey is touching me he is very intresteid in me so please coment on how cute this pic is
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


check out this bear!

my couisn!!

this is my cosin Jacob on Halloween

my brother jason

hi again this is my brother jason.

grandma M.A.

hi jillian here whant to see a pic of my grandma MA?

Monday, December 8, 2008

my art work #1

dear viewers this is my picture of two gold finches.

little brother joey update!!

this is a pic of joey my little little brother it is adorable am i right!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

my famliy

i have a little brother named Joesph and a little sister named rowan and brother named Jason and mom and dad a cat named moofasa from Jill .

Sunday, November 2, 2008

hello out there!!!

if you love my blog please comment on how much you love my blog by sending a comment on this post i will talk to you by typing back. thanks! OK here are the people who look at my blog always wanted to play piano, papaoc, my grandma M.A., and sawtooth thank you alout so remeber i will be checking so please affter you read this plese if you love my blog please coment. jillian.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

my baby brother

i have a little little brother he was born on this day 8-2-08 his name is joey he is very cute i will give you a picture soon and go to always wanted to play piano you will also see him

Monday, October 20, 2008

the golden shamrock

once apon a legend there was somthing called a golden shamrock. it was very, very, very, rare and shiney it was hidden in a scary mine and in that mine there was monsters. and one day a duchise sent a messangere to tell the kingdom who ever found it would be a king or queen and will get one wish. and they half to go girl by boy in partners two poor pepole chose two rich pepole a baker chose a mailman a girl and boy by each other. and two poor pepole went to the mine and found it and they their wish was that they had a baby. and their wish came true the end.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

a singing robot?

hello this story has a song in it only it comes at the at the end. there are to characters in this story. 1 girl cat 2 123 robot 5000. cat: me me me robot five thosand: what are you doing?? cat: i am warming up my voice i will sing today. robot five thosand: would you like to sing robot? robot five thosand: i would love to. cat: good bolth: we play togher and never fuss we always have fun when we leave where sad but we always play again. the end

Monday, October 13, 2008

the wishing flower

Once upon a time there was a legend called the wishing flower. there was a king and queen and they wanted that flower. it would give them 3 wishes. so they sent a treasure hunter to find it. but little did they know... another king and queen wanted it and they sent a treasure hunter to find it. and when they saw the flower they jumped an d tried to pick it but they saw each other and got mad. and wanted to battle and they kept jumping and trying to pick it. but just when one got it a child got it and made one wish that this story would end! the end.


hello my name is Jillian Jaguar i love my family so much i think hat if i got to customize my own family it would be like the one i have all ready have. but one day someone new moved in my family so i got to see them. but i am a girl i would not like to have a boy in the family. and guess what it was a a boy! i was so mad i wanted to eat him. he was lucky i didn't. so for 5 months! i conduit play with my Friends cause i had to watch him. it was the only time i smiled when he said hello to my Friends. and they said hello back. and guess what i also said hello.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

young monkey

once opon a time a monkey asked her mom when she will be as big as her. and she said well you are little and i am big so we are diffrent. and you will be like me in a while. so she said good night and little monkey went to sleep and she dreamed about being big. and she did not like it. so she was happy she was little. the end P.S. did you learn the lesson?

Check this out

my 5 year old brother has a blog and i want you to check it out its name is jasons math valcano

my webkinz

hello its me again it is so much fun to post things .and this is my first day. now i will tell you about my are my webkinz names. sparkle sky, sunny, bamboo, and magic, pinkalous, angel, squeakers, and hoppy buddy, and waddles, sea queen, smores,rosie,coco bean,max,boingboing,lucky duckie,winter,misty thats alot isint it my favrote is pinkalous i love them all so much!

the rainbow meadow

this is a story that i made up Once opon a time a girl named alexis saw something rare... a portal! so she went inside it. it took her to the rainbow meadow she saw rainbowbirds. and a rainbow rabbit. she was having a grat time and then she saw the portal and she new she had to go. she said good bye and left. she was sad. then she heard a voice alexis alexis. it was her mom. she was dreaming! the end.

What I do in my life and all about me

I read books my favrote series is the disney faries. my best freinds names are oliva ashley coren alexis. i am a little girl . my favrote food is a choclate chip cookie. i love my famliy . i have an idea for my blog i will post pictures that i draw. i love to send emails to my grandma. i am six years old. my birthday is january 6th. i have 2 brothers and 1 sister. my name is jillian