Monday, October 13, 2008

the wishing flower

Once upon a time there was a legend called the wishing flower. there was a king and queen and they wanted that flower. it would give them 3 wishes. so they sent a treasure hunter to find it. but little did they know... another king and queen wanted it and they sent a treasure hunter to find it. and when they saw the flower they jumped an d tried to pick it but they saw each other and got mad. and wanted to battle and they kept jumping and trying to pick it. but just when one got it a child got it and made one wish that this story would end! the end.


sawtooth said...
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sawtooth said...

The Wishing Flower

An object of great power,
Nothing but a simple flower.
Three wishes would be granted,
This flower was quite enchanted,
So a seeker emerged from his tower.

That seeker was not alone,
A second sent by another throne,
Soon met him in a field.
Yet neither man would yield,
While a boy sat nearby atop a stone.

The boy's arm did extend,
His back, hunched over to bend,
He picked up the colorful blossom,
It really looked awesome,
He simply wished that this story would end.

(Darn error in the first post attempt) :)