Thursday, October 16, 2008

a singing robot?

hello this story has a song in it only it comes at the at the end. there are to characters in this story. 1 girl cat 2 123 robot 5000. cat: me me me robot five thosand: what are you doing?? cat: i am warming up my voice i will sing today. robot five thosand: would you like to sing robot? robot five thosand: i would love to. cat: good bolth: we play togher and never fuss we always have fun when we leave where sad but we always play again. the end


sawtooth said...

Singing Robot

5000 was this robot's name,
There was also a cat; name not the same.
They got together one day,
To sing and then dance and play,
Having fun until evening came.

It was time for good night,
Bathed in full moon light,
The robot slept in his bed,
With the cat right next to his head.
Dreaming of new songs to recite.

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

I love how you make the robot talk like a robot, using your funny font.

Jillian said...

Well that's about the cutest robot story I ever saw. Pretty soon Jillian will have enough stories for her first book!