Monday, October 20, 2008

the golden shamrock

once apon a legend there was somthing called a golden shamrock. it was very, very, very, rare and shiney it was hidden in a scary mine and in that mine there was monsters. and one day a duchise sent a messangere to tell the kingdom who ever found it would be a king or queen and will get one wish. and they half to go girl by boy in partners two poor pepole chose two rich pepole a baker chose a mailman a girl and boy by each other. and two poor pepole went to the mine and found it and they their wish was that they had a baby. and their wish came true the end.

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sawtooth said...

The Golden Shamrock

Hidden in a deep dark mine,
Upon the tall steep mountain's spine,
There was a hidden treasure,
With a value hard to measure.

It was a shamrock, made of gold,
Which grants one wish, or so it's told.
But to find it required pairs,
to find the treasure, to make it theirs.

From the royal leader came a proclamation,
The ones who find it will rule the nation.
The competition quickly grew,
Hunters searching two by two.

A wealthy couple picked a pair,
The cost of which wasn't a care.
They chose a local baker,
As well as a mail taker.

But they didn't fare well,
As far as we can tell.
They returned with empty hands,
Despite searching foreign lands.

A poor family couldn't afford,
To pay anyone with extra reward.
So they found a sweet young man,
Trying to win the heart of a lady named Ann.

Into the damp caves the pair went,
Filled with a deep musty scent,
Deep into the caves they searched,
Fearing things in the darkness that lurched.

Turning a corner, they stood in surprise,
The Golden Shamrock in front of their eyes!
The couple was happy, overjoyed and maybe,
Were so excited that they wished for a baby.

Now in control of the land,
They each stood hand in hand.
They laughed and they smiled,
And happily played with their new child.